We Need Insurance

In today's world, nothing can be certain. With many thousands of people in the UK suffering life changing injuries, it is prudent to make provision for your future if you are suddenly struck down by an unforeseen injury or illness and incapable of working. When considering what fate can throw in your path, it is important to consider the types of insurance policies available to you.

If you have a family, it would be wise to consider taking out an insurance policy which will cover your mortgage or provide a regular income for those you may leave behind if the worst were to happen. Term life insurance provides an ideal safety net for people who have financial commitments that need to be met.

  • A level term policy would cover the policyholders for a set sum e.g. £250,000 which could be used to meet the outstanding amount on a mortgage.
  • An increasing term policy will cover an increasing amount which is tied into the retail price index so it will go up as inflation increases - meaning that the money paid out will be of comparable value if it is paid out in 1, 5 or 50 years.

Critical illness is also on the increase, with people suffering from heart disease, strokes, degenerative motor neurone diseases and Alzheimer's to name but a few life changing illnesses. A critical illness policy will safeguard your home and family if you were to be rendered unable to work due to falling victim to one of the diseases it insures against.

Whatever your worry, there is a policy which will meet your needs. We offer a means of comparison for insurance policies, meaning you can be sure of choosing the best value and most comprehensive policies available.